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We are multiple global professional associations of those who work to resolve the world’s most profound problems, a community of many thousands of individual member professionals from at this point 82 nations. Our membership embodies a diverse array of disciplines that are accustomed to addressing many of humanity’s greatest problems, and helping impacted populations recover from them. These associations are comprised not only of individual, but also corporate members, a seamless garment of professionals accustomed to resolving the most catastrophic and complex problems facing humanity. To learn more, visit the websites for each of our professional associations.

Government Contracting

Government contracting can be an extremely challenging and complex arena in which to earn a living as an individual, or build a business as a company. Human, materiel, and capital resources vary greatly in different parts of the globe. Available data, contract protocols, and corporate requirements are equally diverse between the Contract Issuing Authorities (CIA’s) of sovereign states and international governing bodies. Through the provision of cutting edge support to individual and corporate members of our associations, we facilitate accelerated career growth for individuals, enhance corporate members’ building of their businesses, expand the available field of qualified contracting entities for CIA’s, and ultimately ensure that adversely impacted populations are more effectively served.

Restoring Peace, Saving Lives, And Uplifting Humanity

The depth and breadth of expertise deployable through the membership of our professional associations has already dealt with the world’s toughest problems. Their lives are committed to doing so in the future. They are the seasoned professionals who know how to deal with lethal conflict situations, seemingly insoluble diplomatic labyrinths, failed or impoverished states, and catastrophic natural disasters.

Forging Institutional Integrity, Good Governance, And Economic Growth

Many are the skill sets required to bring a troubled nation to internal peace and economic stability, as well as the functional mainstream of global commerce and international relations. The requisite experience and preparedness to deploy and engage is all found within Critical Mobilization Group. These are the people who have made a difference, and who will continue to make a difference. In your world. Today. And tomorrow.

Facilitating The Development And Alignment Of The World’s Best

Through membership and the relationships built through it we enable individuals to accelerate their professional development, expand their professional networks, and learn how to capitalize on opportunities worldwide. Through Crowd Contracting we make it possible for corporate members not only to develop enhanced access to the best individual talent on the planet, but also to identify and forge agreements with other corporate contractors around the world so as to increase their organizational capabilities and together pursue an expanding scope of opportunities internationally.

Expertise And Sharing The Wealth

Our membership features a great many published authors whose writing is widely read and appreciated for its savvy judgment and piercing analysis. Critical Mobilization Magazine, an online periodical focused on evolving global events, will exclusively publish their analysis on an ongoing basis. Through the forthcoming Critical Mobilization Institute we will enhance members’ career progression potential through the ongoing provision of opportunities for professional development, based on the real world work of those who have walked the walk.


Member organizations’ expertise in any particular discipline are often applicable to and employed in conflict situations, third world development, as well as disaster response scenarios. For example, just consider the utility of medical care, linguist, civil administration, sanitation, or the provision of food & water, which may well be needed in all three scenarios. Thus one may well find that resources are drawn from all three of our associations for any one project, depending on the issues deemed necessary to address by the Contract Issuing Authorities.

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